Is my home worth more with solar energy?

Installing panels can boost your home’s property value when you purchase. Why should you avoid solar leases? By How Much Does Solar Increase Your Property’s Value? The National Renewable Energy Laboratory offers a useful guide when determining how much your property’s value will go up. According to its research, each additional $1 in energy bill …

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Reasons To Avoid Solar Leases

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW0ufXIuONs THE TOP REASONS OWNING A SOLAR SYSTEM IS BETTER THAN LEASING Solar Revolution is a full-service solar installer. We offer multiple loan programs. If you pay federal taxes, cash and loan programs are your best bet to maximize savings. We will be here to service your system after the 2016 Tax Credit expires. Owner finance payments are typically …

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Why Solar?

Common reasons for Going Solar: Lower or eliminate your electric bill: Electric energy prices are steadily increasing. For example: Average monthly electricity bill is: $200.00 Over 12 months you spent: $2,400.00 The next 10 years you will spend: $33,159.48 The next 30 years electricity will cost you: $226,705.89   Increased Home Value: A home with $0 electric bill — …

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Residential Solar Benefit

In addition to solar being an economical and safe investment, residential property owners can benefit from installing solar thanks to: California Net Energy Metering California’ Net Energy Metering Law allows solar PV system owners to bank excess electricity back to the utility company at retail rates, for a credit to owners’ accounts. When a solar system …

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A typical solar installation, after federal tax credits, will pay for itself in 6-12 years. If you are an investor, this is an equivalent of 20% – 8.3% return. 95% of proposals demonstrate ROI near 20% for PG&E customers with electricity bills greater than $200/month. A positive cash flow is established from year one! Solar …

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