Top 10 Reasons To Go Solar Now


Some good reasons to convert to clean solar energy now:

1. New tariffs on solar panel imports means prices may never be lower for the hardware.

2. Purchasing this year means that you may get up to 50% more tax credits than next year.

3. At no other time in history have homeowners had the opportunity to affordably generate their own electricity at a rate cheaper than they currently pay.

4. Summertime rate spikes are looming.

5. We have designed a quality system for you with a 25 year warranty and a 10 year workmanship warranty.

6. We have $0 down financing to make the payments manageable.

7. We showed you how you will save 10s of thousands of dollars within the 25 year warranty period.

8. Energy is a necessity of life.

9. Power bills are not going lower.

10. Solar homes typically up in value 20 times the first year savings.  Homes with solar energy can appraise up to 10-15% higher and are property tax exempt.

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