Tom B. | El Dorado Hills

Before adding a Solar system to our home, I interviewed all of the bigs companies, and everyone gave us about the same song and dance, price, installation, etc.:. I got a phone call one day on my cell phone from Solar Revolution, which I almost hung up on, saying they beat everyone price, Peter came out, I did not tell him the amount of the bids we received, not only did they beat the bIds, they were $4,000 less. We decided to finance the purchase, and they were 1% less than anyone else also.  I’m a Real Estate Appraiser; I tell everyone to use them, professional, quick, and on time!

Douglas L. | Santa Rosa CA

I am extremely pleased with the solar system installed by the folks at Solar Revolution.  Scott Woods came out to the house about a month prior to the installation and went through our options and costs and perceived payback timeline.  We specified a different inverter (SMA) and some LG 335W panels (19 of them).  Scotts team handled the HOA paperwork for us.  The system was installed in 3 days.  They managed to color match the walls of our home and roof tiles and painted all of the conduit.  All of the folks we met were very professional and answered our questions completely.  The best news is that our electric bill has gone to zero.  Thank you Scott and Team!!

Scott G. | Shingle Springs, CA
We got quotes from four different companies before making a decision. Solar Revolution stood out from the rest as far as pricing, delivery time and consideration of all the other factors that come up.
I can say that they delivered in spades. We had to wait a couple weeks after we signed on to give them time to get the county to sign off on it, but then they were off and running. Their crew of three showed up on a Monday, the panels were dropped off that afternoon and they finished at noon on Tuesday. On Thursday, the county inspector showed up and bought off the installation. Less than a week!
Other companies were quoting months to make it happen. They delivered a quality job and we couldn’t be more pleased.
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30 kW commercial system
30 kW commercial system
Detached system providing additional power
Community solar installation
8 kW residential system
8 kW residential system

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