Why California’s Net Metering Change Is A Big Deal

PG&E's new rates are quite punitive. In the past under NEM 2.0 (Net Metering), customer's received an even exchange for power that was back fed to the grid.

The power that was back fed to PG&E was stored in the form of credits. These credits could be used during peak time and in the evening to offset all their electricity consumption. In the past, it was routine to provide a customer a 100% offset of their electricity cost.

With the introduction of NEM 3.0, PG&E provides 25% credit for the back feed. The other 75% goes to PG&E for sale to other customers. This is referred to as a 'solar tariff'.


Why Home Battery Backups Are More Important Than Ever

Batteries are a must if a customer wishes to be close to a 100% offset environment. By storing the power created by their solar system in the batteries, the power can be discharged during peak hours to eliminate the need to buy power from the grid. This is the most cost productive solution for a homeowner.

This scenario is similar to the SMUD environment. SMUD's rates are lower than PG&E, yet the utility still charges a solar tariff.

Home Backup Batteries We Recommend, Sell & Service

Enphase batteries are the highest rated batteries available.

They utilize a lithium phosphate hybrid technology with the highest thru-put, overall power provided with an exceptional warranty.

NEM 3.0 ready

California residents can use IQ Battery to take advantage of NEM 3.0. Export power to the grid at the optimal time for maximum economic benefit. IQ Battery 3T and 10T can also be installed in a grid-tied, self-consumption plus export configuration, without backup, for a lower upfront investment and faster payback period.

solar revolution solar power battery storage
Enphase Batteries

The IQ Battery. It shines when the sun sets Store solar power to use anytime-at night or diving peak hours to reduce energy bills or when there's an outage and utility power is unavailable. Enphase batteries are modular and come in two sizes and two capacities to perfectly suit your energy needs today and in the future.

Designed for maximum safety. By using lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry, Enphase puts safety first where it matters most-your home. Enphase IQ battery operates at low-voltage DC power, avoiding the dangers that come with high-voltage DC power.

Smart backup with or without the grid. In the event of a grid outage, our Power Start™M technology can intelligently provide enough surge power to smoothly start power-hungry appliances.

Perfect size, perfect fit. IQ Batteries come in two capacities to provide the most flexibility when designing your storage needs-and each are available in two sizes to fit any space.

Reliable power you can use anytime. Enphase batteries use multiple 1Q8 microinverters-the same as used in our solar products -so your power keeps flowing.

42.1″W x 26.2″H x 12.6*D
50.5 W × 30.5″H × 7.4″D
14.5″W x 26.2″H × 12.6″D
16.9″W × 30.5″H × 7.4″D

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