Be the house with the lights on during a storm. Backup Power Systems have become an important addition to all California homes & businesses. Why might you ask?


Planned Service Interruptions

If you live anywhere in PG&E’s service territory your electricity could be shut off for longer than 48 hours as part of a Public Safety Power Shutoff.

The Next Question; Should You Get a Battery Backup for your home or business? Or a Generator Backup? It really depends on your circumstances.

In most cases home batteries are not the best choice. The problem with batteries are their price and longevity.

Compared to a Home Generator with costs in the $10,000 to $15,000 range, a Battery Backup with required equipment and installation costs can easily reach $35,000.

Batteries have a short warranty of 10 years and combined with the inevitable degradation of the efficiency of batteries, you’re lucky if you beat the clock on your return on investment. As battery technology improves and the cost inevitably drops, an Automated Standby Generator is usually a better value.

Home Battery Setup

Say Hello to the Generac Generator!

The #1 Selling line of home backup generators. Back up your entire home, or just your essential items.

Keep Your Lifestyle Uninterrupted

Some families want a backup generator simply for convenience, while others need it because they have critical devices that require robust power. Whatever situation you’re in, put your trust in Generac Generators.


Install Your Backup Power Carefully

Don't just hire any contractor to install your home generator. Hire Generac Specialists.

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Here’s a quote from PG&E “Planned Outage Guide”: An incorrectly installed generator can damage your property and endanger you and PG&E’s line workers who may be working on nearby power lines. 

See for yourself, download PG&E’s guide here: Outage Guide


Backup Generator Installation Experts

We are an authorized distributor and installer for Generac Home Generators. We will properly connect your system to your homes power system.

Generac Guardian Series